After 2 challenging years, with kids having spent a lot of their time indoors, technology ended up being even more present in their lives.

Zburatacitii is a 7-toy bird and insect collection that comes to engage families into playing outside more and exploring nature. Each character has a story and a role and kids get to discover not only how Zburatacitii can be play partners, but also helpers of the nature around them.


We developed this campaign under the ongoing Petrom platform focused on busy modern Romanians, who are interested, but not always succeed, in taking time for whatever truly matters to them: family, kids, spending time outdoors. We wrapped it in joyful, friendly and educational layers, delivering parents ideas on how to talk to kids about birds and insects all around us and also inviting them to connect with their kids in or out of their house, whereas at the same time we gave voice to all these 7 characters, enabling them to tell their stories in filling stations, on TV and digital, either by letting them fly, sing, play or talk in rhymes.


Petrom calls on all families and their kids to come outside and play, to reconnect with themselves and also with nature. Zburatacitii is an example on how to focus more on family time, on playing outside and also on learning about nature and protecting it. Each and every one of the 7 characters reflects the joy and content of spending time outdoors, the excitement of being able to discover the wonders of nature and play, these normalities, sometimes hard to achieve, in our life.