Throughout the years, La Casa De Papel became a phenomenon, fans worldwide aspiring to be a part of it.
Launching the grand finale in Romania, our task was to amp up interest among fans and further drive brand love for Netflix.


For local fans, the one thing more gratifying than the show’s ending itself would be to actually experience being of the story.
From social listening, we knew they wanted to be part of the universe so, to involve and reward the truest fans, we challenged them to not only prove they know the show, but  to actually become “LaBanda” members.


In true „La Banda” spirit, instead of saying GAME OVER to mark the ending, we said GAME ON and challenged fans on a last adventure: 

Become a LaBanda member & get the gold, via a real-time, multi-channel, digital hunt. 

They had to enter the activation microsite (07labanda.ro) and figure out the secret phone number of a masked LaBanda member.
Users watched a livestream where the masked man guided them like The Profesor did in the show.

To uncover each digit, they had to solve intricate riddles, involving a mix of logical puzzles, show details, “quests” on other digital platforms, math, observation skills, clues from livestream etc.
So, to get the numbers right, fans had to not only know the show, but also think & act as a LaBanda member.  

The first to uncover the phone number and call the masked man, won a golden coin. The stream showed in real time when other users were faster to claim the gold, making the experience more intense. Then, the number changed, with new riddles behind the new digits.
8 hidden phone numbers | 64 coded clues |  1 hour to crack each number. Spread over two days

Finally, winners also got to experience a LCDP party and a night at the Marmorosch (where the livestream had taken place).


Even though the live activation lasted for only 3.5 hours (spread across the two days), the campaign microsite registered 22.734 unique visitors, only from organic sources, with +8K authentication requests within the first half of hour. 

The activation was communicated organically through the local Netflix social pages and via influencer marketing, generating: 4.3M impressions |  1.72M people reached  | 250k engagements

The season ranked #1 in the Netflix Trending list for 4 weeks in a row and it stayed in the Top 10 for 9 weeks in total.


GOLD in Art, Culture, Media and Entertainment Category
SILVER in Digital Brand Experience Category
SILVER in Gamification Category

Viva la resistencia!