For a couple of years now, BCR has been considered one of the biggest players in financial education. Therefore it needed to maintain this positioning, with a new conversation and a new campaign based on financial intelligence changes, especially after a period of uncertainty and a series of global changes.


We focused on the fact that BCR is a reliable partner in times of change and a powerful voice that can guide people and help them to be financially healthy, so they can start to change or face change safely.


Think about what’s truly deep
And what it isn’t, change.
Change, whether it takes longer
And what you love, just keep.

We created The Poem of Change in a powerful, personal and yet accesible poetic style and invited people to reflect on the best suited financial intelligent changes they can make. We took into consideration small or big changes, tangible, basic, reasonable changes, that people can start doing in order to make their lives better and at the same time keep what they love, either it’s their personality or their family.

Close your eyes. Think about yourself. About what you love and what you want to change. And whatever you choose to change, make the right financial choices. BCR is there for you on the road to change, with personalized financial plans, smart banking products, 1 to 1 meetings and alll the financial expertise.


The Poem of Change was digitally amplified with the help of the 3 people who starred in the TV ad: singer Simion Radu Mihai, architect and designer Alina Vilcu and cooking Chef Radu Dumitrescu. They contributed to extending our campaign, by coming with their personal financial intelligence examples and testimonials, while we continued to engage people into the various possibilites of change.