Statistics show that a large number of children are hurt, each year, in road accidents. 2159 were victims just in 2021. Kids who are inappropriately secured in the car or not secured at all, in a child seat or with the seatbelt. The numbers are rising, according to the Romanian Police and the issue is not discussed enough.

Petrom has addressed this issue in the past and this time, partnering the Romanian Police, it was time to do it again, with a bigger echo, aiming to decrease the numbers of the victims by making sure that all children are properly secured, while on the road.


We developed this campaign with a main thought in our minds: to make a powerful statement that can save lives. To show parents how important is their kids’ safety, in the car. To show them that although their intentions might be good, they need to be informed about the proper way to keep their children safe on the road.

“The Safest Place” is not just a campaign, it’s a solution for a real problem that can be solved with communication. Our mission was „Zero unsecured kids in the car” and the message was developed for TV, Radio, OOH, Retail, Digital and PR, in collaboration with the Romanian Police. The soundtrack of the campaign was created by Feli, who helped us get the message out there with a hit single and a testimonial.


Your arms are the safest place on Earth. Except when you are in the car.

Based on a simple insight, that parents often think their arms can solve anything, we showed that indeed they can protect, soothe, guard their children – just not while they are in the car. In the car, they need to use the child seat and the seatbelt.

We put emotion into education, and there couldn’t have been any other way. A parent-child relationship is so intimate that our lecture towards road safety is not just technically supported, but emotionally driven.