Times of uncertainty and recession count for times when people give up things or activities, not being able to afford them anymore. It’s a natural decision. It’s also natural to balance what is more or less valuable to hold onto.


We wanted to make people aware that the choices they make in the present can have a big influence on the future. With this campaign we are telling parents, confirming and encouraging them, that all the kids-related decisions will always be the ones to pay more attention to. For example, the decision to keep close and sustain their kids’ passions or hobbies, as this exploration will have a great effect.


The good road comes after trying all of them.

This is the universal and practical idea this campaign is based upon: the good road for a kid comes after letting him experience all the others. After being there for him, when trying new things, although you always wonder if it’s worth it, regarding time, effort or money.

The Good Road campaign wants to applaud and encourage the daily roads that parents take for their kids, when driving them to different sports, artistic activities or potential hobbies, because deep down, beside all the effort they put into these roads, they know this exploration will lead to the good road, the most appropriate one for their kids.