Petrom is the absolute leader of the filling stations market in Romania, with the highest scores on all indicators. However, it is preferred more by the middle-aged people and slightly less by young families. When the latter choose Petrom, the reasons are mainly practical: Petrom offers convenience, good prices, proximity – all in all it’s a simple choice at hand. So, it’s more about rational than emotional reasons.


Let’s try to make the younger families love Petrom and see it as a modern, vivid brand, in harmony with their own lifestyle. Our goal should be to convince young people to choose Petrom not only to fuel their cars with basic things, but also to fuel their lives with emotions.


Petrom quality is fueling people’s quality moments.

Take a look at modern life: it’s a combo of offline living and online exposure. If something funny, great, emotional or empowering is happening to someone in real life, it will soon be posted online. And vice versa – it will be shared with virtual friends only if it’s a good moment, something you want to brag about or laugh of or feel empowered by, together with your internet buddies.

These are the kind of moments Petrom is fueling. The brand helps its customers to create them by providing the necessary means: reliable fuels, quality products and services, good prices, profitable promotions and filling stations at hand.

We started developing the main idea with the TVC showing a young family racing for such quality moments with shareable factor.

We kept the same approach in the printed materials, displaying powerful, iconic, eye-catching and funny family moments related to the car universe, as snippets of real life which could very easily become viral.