Lots of the kids raised in the cities have little or no chance to interact with farm animals these days, because parents lost contact with the rural sites.

The FarmYard Collection is addressed to 8-10 yo kids and each animal toy comes with a story of its own, helping kids empathize more easily with the characters and stimulate their imagination.


We chose to add an educational layer to the FarmYard animals’ story. With an intuitive, captivating and easy to understand tone of voice, we mixed education with fun, by delivering cute stories with the FarmYard buddies and creating special content for retail, TV and digital, in order to achieve both sales and brand building objectives.


Petrom teaches you about true friendship, with the new FarmYard buddies. As children learn from examples, we offered parents a fun way to open the conversation about friendship with their kids. The FarmYard buddies are the best example of friendship. They are all different, speak other languages, but they manage to live together in harmony, help each other out and be great friends to one another.