Hello George!

The intelligent banking launch.


BCR, the leader of the Romanian banking sector, had a new, revolutionary product: a cutting edge banking platform called George.

Named after the first auto pilot and filled with innovative ideas, George is BCR’s answer to the future of banking.

And it needed to be launched with a bang.


It’s hard to explain to people such a complex, innovative product. That’s why we chose to always talk about George next to other, just as innovative things, but much more familiar.

This way it will be much easier for them to relate to George’s awesomeness.


George is like you.

As the first intelligent banking, George is just like you. He looks good, so he likes design, just like you. He’s a tech marvel, so he likes innovation, just like you. He’s cool, because he like all the brands you like. And they like him back.

And it all started with the most surprising teasing campaign: