With its first season, Bridgerton created worldwide fandom, with everyone raving about it. However, season two was about to pivot to a new storyline and change the protagonists, which a lot of fans had grown fond of, challenging us to find new ways to spark excitement.


To do this, we set out to remind everyone what they truly loved about Bridgerton: its royal atmosphere and the perfect blend between the regency era and the modern elements of the series – a fusion of then and now.


So, we created a stunning piece of entertaining content that brought to life the “then and now” Bridgerton flavour by recreating a high society dance with the ladies and lords of today: Social Media influencers. 
For this, we brought together the titans of classical dance (Mihai & Elwira Petre) with some of the most popular TikTok dancers in Romania (Ana Gum, Emanuel Neagu, Ruxxandra T) and got them to reinterpret regency dance styles. For the music, we had the Amadeus string quartet fuse together the Bridgerton theme song with pop & manele songs.
And, just like in the show, we  went extra:
– we mixed 3 classical dances (Waltz, Polka, Quadril) with 3 TikTok dance styles (Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Shuffle), studying their rhythm for a perfect blend.
– we reinterpreted today’s music in a classical way, reinterpreting Smiley’s “Vals” and Luis Gabriel’s “Toate Diamantele” in Amadeus String Quartet’s style.
–  To match the show perfectly, we chose the most sumptuous & classical looking place to shoot – The Romanian Athenaeum, used some of the original costumes and we even used the same camera lenses as in the show.



We generated awareness for the new season, reaching an audience of 6.7M people in only a 3 days timeframe.

We also attracted new audiences beyond the season’s regular fans, reaching TikTok dance enthusiasts with 5.2M Views on the influencers’ TikTok channels. 

People fell in love with our video and the reactions surpassed all our previous benchmarks in terms of engagement, buzz, reactions.
Our content got people to share, watch, comment and react more than ever before in the history of the page, with:

7.2 x more shares
11.1 x more comments
10.1 x more reactions
4.7 x more 1-minute views 

Overall, the post had an average of +5,7% higher results on all indicators.




GOLD in Digital Platforms – SOCIAL MEDIA – Influencer Marketing Category
GOLD in Digital Strategies – ONLINE BRANDED CONTENT Category