GOLD Internetics for George

Proud to announce another award for George’s launching campaign. Our efforts were rewarded with a Gold trophy at the Internetics 2019 edition in the Digital Component of an integrated campaign, Services category.

George, the new innovative internet banking from BCR, a bank lacking in appeal for young Romanians, was launched on Instagram through a teasing campaign. With its own Instagram page and its own hashtag, #helloGeorge, people got curious. For even more hype, we used 2 types of endorsers: known tech brands to give George credibility and social influencers from various domains in order to be attractive for the digital natives.

Once George’s identity was revealed,  the communities around him started spreading the news and its hashtag. As everybody started saluting him, brands and consumers altogether, George built his own seamless online/offline world:

  • his own A.R. T-Shirt collection, developed with a series of Romanian illustrators from One Night Gallery
  • George appeared in an online blog, visiting lots of cool Bucharest places where he received custom-made coffee or dishes
  • George made his own InstaMeet, where he invited Instagrammers in an urban quest with the Questo app.