Finding a symbol for Dragobete

Dragobete, a holiday deeply rooted in our genes and far more important than it’s third degree cousin from west, the flamboyant Valentine’s Day, had no symbol of its own. That was so unfair!

Less than a month until the 24th of February, Petrom and we decided to change that. So, the research began. As a result, we came up with 9 symbols, derived from the most popular myths and legends. With more than 20.000 votes along one week of online campaign, Petrom announced the winning symbol on 15th of February – The Joining.

On 24th, the Dragobete day, people who stop by one of the Petrom gas stations will receive the winning symbol as a gift and furthermore, it will have its own Wikipedia page. Justice was done!

05feb2016_Petrom_Materiale Dragobete_Poster 70x100cm05feb2016_Petrom_Materiale Dragobete_Sticker pompa_10x10cm

15feb2016_Petrom_Materiale Dragobete Revel_Magnet 7x7cm15feb2016_Petrom_Materiale Dragobete Revel_Poster 70x100cm