The Taste of Purity

Introducing Martin Reise, the most famous water somelier.


Aqua Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water had discovered new springs and wanted to boost its sales to quicken the market absorption of the increased production.


Being a young brand, Aqua Carpatica built its equity on purity, communicating a unique differentiator: it is the only known water with 0 Nitrates concentration. Maintaining its free-nitrates claim, Aqua needed to engage better with the sparkling water consumers, who were loyal to the waters with tradition in Romania.


Sparkling water drinkers say they value its taste the most, but they still choose their water based on habits, not on the best taste. The new springs of Aqua Carpatica sparkling water delivered ”great taste”, so we only had to convince consumers to taste it once and the product would convince them to buy it again.


Introducing a new topic in the sparkling waters category: the taste of the water. The campaign is designed to raise curiosity about the taste of the water, by bringing a new character into the Romanian scene – the specialist in water tasting – Martin Riese, the most famous international sommelier, who recommends Aqua Carpatica for its great taste.