Kiss on Dragobete

Every tradition needs its ritual.


Each February, there’s no contest: the prominent international Valentine’s Day beats Dragobete, the Traditional Centuries-Old Romanian Celebration of Love.

Petrom, the quintessential Romanian fuel station brand, promises to “get Romanians closer together” through its fuel and by supporting Romanian traditions and products, as it has always done under The Collection of Romanians Achievements platform.

In the spirit of supporting Romanian authenticity, we decided to use modern marketing techniques to make Dragobete relevant again.


Just like the Halloween pumpkin, the Christmas Tree or Valentine’s red hearts – we needed a symbol for Dragobete. So, in 2016, we started a national debate and, 20.000 votes later, the Union was chosen as its official symbol – 2 birds kissing as a symbol of their eternal love.

In 2017 we needed to go even further.

How? Associate Dragobete with a brand ritual.


Introducing The Kiss: We continued our 2016 campaign and inspired Romanians to celebrate love the traditional way through KISSING. We encouraged everyone to celebrate their love by sharing a kissing selfie on directly into our kisses gallery.

Moreover,  we inspired them to kiss everywhere: in the kissing booths at the Petrom gas stations, on, during concerts, in the streets. Even Andra and Măruță pitched in.


With its national core, this initiative quickly travelled and engaged Romanians to celebrate their love in the traditional way, without fuss, through a gesture they normally do.

In just 7 days, the campaign reached millions and thousands of kisses were recorded on our website. But, most importantly, Romanians were reminded to celebrate their love on February 24th.

We reached over 5.000.000 Romanians with our endeavour, which means more than 1 out of 4 Romanians. Also, during the campaign, we had the best engagement rate in the category.

This is the new Dragobete. And it’s just the beginning.