AQUA Scanner

The app that empowers people to know what they’re drinking.


Aqua Carpatica was a big player in the bottled water category, with a strong differentiator: the water with the lowest concentration of Nitrates – unhealthy substances coming from intensive farming. When the concentration of Nitrates in water is big, this can cause severe problems, especially for infants: intoxications (”Blue Baby Syndrome”) and even deaths.

Pediatricians recommend a Nitrates concentration of maximum 10 mg/l for the infants’ consumption, but the Romanian law allows brands to have 50 mg/l and it also doesn’t compel them to disclose it on the label – people were kept in the dark. This is how on the supermarket shelves there are waters with as much as 5 times the maximum Nitrates level allowed, without anybody being aware of it.

Aqua Carpatica wanted to draw attention on the water purity & safety and to empower Romanians to be confident about the water they and their children drink every day.


Since the water safety and purity is a subject that concerns everybody, we went for a national awareness campaign. However, the health-awareness urban parents were our main target group, since the newborns and the children were the ones affected the most by the water law, which is ignoring the medical recommendations suited for their age.

Consumer research showed that they were not aware about the perils of the bottled waters, because, ”since they are bottled, they must be perfectly safe”. So, the strategy was to make them ask themselves if they are making the safe choice when choosing a bottled water brand.

Fighting their long-lasting habits of buying the same brand for a long time, their poorly informed beliefs about how a water should be like or their preference for traditional brands, we brought into the public discussion a new topic: what about the purity and safety of the water – how much do you really know about the water you buy? Find the truth using Aqua Scanner!


We invented a new tool – AQUA SCANNER – a mobile app that gives you all the purity & safety information about ALL BOTTLED WATERS on the shelves. Just by scanning the label, Romanians can get all the hidden purity information they need and to be confident that the water they buy is good enough to give their children: the Nitrates concentration is shown in the first place, but also other factors as well: the PH, the level of minerals and so on.

The app delivers the data about the purity of the water and compares the water brands, helping people make an informed decision on choosing the best product available. All the scientific information was delivered by a third party – a certified national laboratory, that tested all the waters available at the time and provided the research data.

We needed to push everybody’s buttons as much as we could, so we went for the channel with the biggest visibility in Romania: mobile – the fastest growing channel – and national TV stations, during prime-time news, broadly watched family shows, high rating programs etc., targeting parents with small children, health conscious groups, informed people and general audiences as well.

We brought to the public attention bold questions and facts to make people question their water choices: ”How much do you know about the water your child drinks?”/ ”How do you choose your water?”/ ”Nitrates are good for plants, but bad for you.”/“How much do you really know about the water you drink?”-> ”Find the truth about the waters in Romania.

Then we would direct people towards the campaign’s website / app download, to find real information about their chosen water brand.



The online organic reach of the campaign totaled in: 80 organic mentions and 1.3M total unpaid viewership. But our campaign became a national discussed subject when The Romanian Waters Association felt pressured to drive an education campaign about water safety and purity, right after the launch of Aqua Scanner.


People started questioning their water brands: over 4M of Romanians entered the Romanian Waters Association to find out about the purity of the water they drink.

Aqua Carpatica became the most downloaded marketing campaign app ever in Romania, with 150.000+ app downloads during the campaign, more than 2.000 scans happening each day.


Aqua Carpatica became the no. #1 brand of bottled water in Romania in 2016, with the biggest value market share, in 2016 vs 2015, surpassing two of its competitors, traditional brands with a big heritage behind, with market shares rising with 33% during the campaign and 22% all year overall.